Dear Phil Collins,

Somehow last week’s video post made it through our Snark filter, and for that I owe you my most humble apologies. This site is meant to celebrate and adore you, not criticize, belittle, or berate. Unfortunately we missed the fact that one of our authors is clearly better off at or some such outlet for the bitter and tragically hip. He has been duly sacked, and we shall strive to purge our staff of similar ne’r-do-wells, insurgents, and the otherwise undesirable. A hot startup such as ourselves must expect some bumps on the way to the top, which we will endeavor to squash, stamp, mow down, smooth out, etc. etc.

Certainly, fans of “Calling All Stations” will no longer be hired.

Thank you for your continuing patience, signed,

Jonathan Casey, Founder and General Manager, Dear Phil Ltd.