Dear Phil Collins,

Tough to catch a break these days, isn’t it?  I work in a public library, so I am constantly dismayed by the way we’re portrayed in the media (just last week libraries got slagged on “Heroes“).  But Phil, not even your fantabulous career record is sacrosanct!  I was rewatching some episodes of “Lost” recently and this exchanged leapt out at me:

 [At camp, Kate is washing the back of her neck with water from the
trough. Sawyer approaches, and hands her a cassette tape]
KATE: What’s this?
SAWYER: Your mix tape.
[Kate laughs]
SAWYER: Well you gonna take it or ain’t ya?
[Kate does so]
KATE: The best of Phil Collins huh.
SAWYER: Don’t get picky. And if Bernard asks, I don’t know a thing about it.
KATE: Thanks, James.

“Don’t get picky”????!!!!!????  Are you kidding?  Just goes to show that the brilliant manipulative geniuses behind the mysteries of “Lost” don’t know everything.  Certainly there’s no accounting for taste.  I mean, Three Dog Night?  Really?

It’s just exhausting.

Standing by my man,

Phil’s Phan.

P.S. If you don’t watch “Lost” for some reason, please don’t ask me to explain who Kate, Sawyer, and Bernard are, you’d probably stop accepting my letters there’d be so many of them!