Dear Phil Collins,

I was just listening to your hit album “No Jacket Required,” and your duet with Sting on “Long Long Way To Go” got me to thinking (again!): have you ever thought about doing a classical album? I know they don’t use a lot of drum kits in classical music, but you’re not a shabby keyboard player and of course there’s the singing. Sting did that album of lute songs, Billy Joel wrote some piano sonatas, Paul McCartney even made an opera or something!  Once again, I think you could best any of these fellows with your exquisite sense of taste and decorum.  Perhaps you could even develop a musical theater stage adaptation of your song “Don’t Lose My Number.”  For years people have wondered who Billy is and why you didn’t want him to lose your number.  Here’s your chance to tell the story!

Stay Classy,

Your Fan.