Dear Phil Collins,

I’m just full of advice for you, Phil!  Discussing your cover of the Beatles’ “Tomorrow Never Knows” on your first solo album “Face Value” led me to thinking about all those great cover albums people are doing these days.  Like Michael McDonald’s “Motown” series, Mark Kozelek’s “Tiny Cities,” Babyface’s new “Playlist,” and Mandy Moore’s beloved “Coverage.”  You should do that!  I’m thinking an all-Tropicalia album, contemporary electro (I bet you could really liven up some Peaches tracks with the Earth, Wind, and Fire  horns!), Miami Bass (it’s time for a comeback!), or maybe that Crunk Juice the kids keep talking about.  Sky’s the limit!  I think this could be a huge hit for you.  Rod Stewart is churning out “Great American Songbooks” faster than people can buy them, but I think people are more likely to take you as seriously as you deserve to be.  Especially once they realize what a great R&B singer you can be.

If you cover, they will buy.

Always on your mind (I hope!),

Your Fan.