Jonathan Casey is a big music nerd and record collector who has been frequently accused of snobbery. He was also once a film buff but is now a habitual movie junkie, meaning he’ll watch just about whatever you put in front of him, much like a three-year-old. As a result he’s become quite fond of the oeuvre of Will Ferrell in addition to the sci-fi claptrap he’s enjoyed since his (actual) youth. He once owned “Invisible Touch” on cassette tape and really liked the song about being crazy. As a result, he’s often harbored a subconscious belief that Phil Collins probably knows a lot more about the world than he lets on; therefore, this site was spawned not only to ask Phil for musical guidance, but for advice on (as a dead Brit once described it) life, the universe, and everything. It would’ve been a bunch of fan fic about Michael McDonald, but “Yacht Rock” already bested me in that area, and I’m tired of thinking about Lou Reed. Phil, you’re my only hope.

Jonathan resides in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.

“Dear Phil” is not endorsed, created, approved or written by Phil Collins or the band Genesis (unless otherwise noted).


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